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This is the homepage of our experimental psychology research group at the University of Bamberg, Germany. 

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Interest fields

You can find a selection of illustrative fields here: EPAEG

We are mainly interested in the research fields of

        • empirical aesthetics
        • perception
        • perceptual phenomea
        • acceptance of innovation
        • cognitive ergonomics


        more specifically

        • face processing (face recognition, facial attractiveness, prosopagnosia)
        • empirical aesthetics (art, dynamics of preferences, predictive liking)
        • product design (aesthetic appreciation, marketing)
        • development of security programs
        • ethical and privacy issues
        • cognitive maps
        • cognitive ergonomics
        • on the genesis of conspiracy theories
        • haptic research
        • theories of cognitive processing in general


Claus-Christian Carbon (CCC)

I am the head of the Department of General Psychology and Methodology at the University of Bamberg, in Bamberg / Germany.

My academical work concentrates on working  in the field of empirical aesthetics (plus design), face recognition/face processing/prosopagnosia (face blindness), optical illusions, cognitive maps, advancement of methods and on applied cognition (design; the role of innovation; hci and ergonomics).

Feel free to surf on my other pages to get more information about me and my work.


Qualifications (short track):

  • Habilitation / 2nd PhD (U Vienna; 2006)
  • PhD (FU Berlin; 2003)
  • MA in philosophy (U Trier; 1999)
  • Diploma (fulfills MA) in psychology (U Trier; 1998)

Position: Full Professor

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